Only a Few ARCs of Me and Jack Remain!

Me & Jack A boy--an outsider--trying to fit in. A dog from the pound with an unknown past. A father serving as a recruiter during the Vietnam War.

Each has something to fight for. Together, they have something to live for.

Three ARCs stand available for readers willing to post their reviews on sites such as Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, or their own blogs.

The first chapter is available on my website. (Click on Me & Jack in the sidebar, and then click on the book icon for the excerpt.)

If you'd like to review Me & Jack, send me an email (dhaworthbooks at yahoo dot com) with your snail mail address.


Stephanie Blake said...

Danette! This one is going to be great. Congrats!

Wild About Words said...

Danette, just chiming in to say how very excited I am for you and how glad I am to know you.
With all good wishes,