The Latest News: I've Been Tagged!

No, not toe-tagged. Though that would be interesting, because that would mean I was writing from the grave. Nope, I've been tagged by Rachel to provide five random things about myself. Here we go!

1. In high school, I was an assistant manager at a fast food and as such, I got free food. I drank one milkshake of each of their four flavors every single day I worked. I gained fifteen pounds that summer.

2. I sat on David Cassidy's lap in the 1990s. I hung the photo on my bulletin board at work and told everyone he was my boyfriend.

3. When I saw Brian Regan this September, I made my husband hang outside the stage door with me until Brian came out. Brian gave me a hug, signed my program, and let me take a picture with him. It's all here.

4. In junior high, I signed up for the play just to get out of classes. I was the turkey.

5. I played drums starting in fourth grade. My career ended in eighth grade when I was constantly relegated to the bass drum or the cymbals, while the boys got to play the snares. I'd lost interest by that time, anyway--my drumroll was rather staccato, and those 10 lb cymbals were awfully hard to hold ("Hold them UP, Danette!) at football games.

In other news, my little mommy is leaving earlier than expected--she and new hubby have found houses on Florida's west coast they like. So, she leaves in the morning, but if all goes well, it'll then just be a two hour drive instead of that 24 hour drive to Michigan!

Hmm, almost forgot . . . who to tag, who to tag? So many victims friends to choose from. TAG! You're it: Courtney, Church Lady, Ello, Charles Gramlich, and Stephen Parrish. You'll still be my friends, right?


Stephen Parrish said...

Okay, I'm going to take you up on this one, because it's been a while.

By the way, my mother was a drummer in her high school band and quit, she said, because it wasn't cool for teenage girls in her generation to play drums in the high school band. The anecdote inspired one of my brothers to take up the drums in grade school, and he plays to this day.

Danette Haworth said...

So glad you're taking up the chain. Probably all kinds of good luck will come your way, like one dollar each from thousands of people you don't know, or maybe some potholders.

Rachel said...

Thanks for playing Danette. Now, you must get back to shopping! (Love the shake story)

LindaBudz said...

Fifteen pounds, LOL ... I'm sure that was traumatic. But just think how much you'd gain nowadays if you did that! Ah, to be a teen for just one more summer... the shakes I'd drink!

Danette Haworth said...

My debit card's seeing a lot of action, Rachel!

Oh, yeah! And these were excellent milkshakes, hence my need to sample all four flavors each day.

courtney said...

eee! Yay to being tagged! I will definitely get to it this weekend. :)

PS: #2 is the best random thing I have ever read about anyone! EVER!

Danette Haworth said...

Oh Courtney, he was so good looking! And actually, I almost passed on the opportunity.

He was signing his latest CD and my friend was dying to see him. We drove for almost an hour to the music store and when we got there, this line snaked through the aisles and out of the store. I told my friend "Let's skip it." I didn't want to wait in that line. But then I peeked in and saw this gorgeous man sitting there and I was like "Hurry up! Get in line!"

It was totally worth it!

List of Things Lost said...

Congrats on the revisions being finished!!! Yay!!!!!

I'm excited to see the cover of VIOLET too!!!!


Charles Gramlich said...

That's great when family members are able to move closer. Good news indeed. Five intersting things. I don't think I have that many items of interest to share but will post something today.

Danette Haworth said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Danette Haworth said...

Thank you, Angela! Every one of my family members has their own idea, but my mom came up with one that just captured it! I'm looking forward to the artist's (or my editor's) vision!

Ello said...

OK - now that I finished the last story post from that contest and I'm nearly finished with my paper grading, I can do this!

very cool randomness!

Anonymous said...

You sat on David Cassidy's lap? I wondered what happened to him . . .

Danette Haworth said...

Ha! Our brief moment together made us both a kinder and gentler people.

Church Lady said...

Congratulations with the progress of your novel!
You have this news buried between a post on sneezes and a meme?

With such an evocative title, I am also curious and anxious to see the art that goes with it. And I really can't wait to read it, Danette. Thanks for sharing your journey here.

Also thanks for the tag...I will try my best to adhere to it!

Danette Haworth said...

Aw, shucks, Church Lady!

Mussel Bound said...

Wow, you look a lot thinner here than you do over at the Church Lady's house of worship. You're about six times wider over there, as if you never kicked your four shake a day habit.

In my junior high, drama was a class, no getting out of class for rehearsals, but I took it anyway and enjoyed it a lot.
If not for the whole being famous thing, acting would be a great profession.

Found houseS on the Florida coast? Like, one each? Real estate must be a lot more affordable than it is up here in Washington state. (ha ha, somehow I doubt that :^D)

Travis Erwin said...

Random indeed. I sure hope you didn't work at a Whataburger about ten years ago. If so, you might not like my latest post.:)

Stephen Parrish said...

Probably all kinds of good luck will come your way, like one dollar each from thousands of people you don't know, or maybe some potholders.

Unfortunately I don't smoke pot.

Danette Haworth said...

Talk about a full plate!

Mussell Bound,
I know! It's all due to an amazing weight loss program, which Church Lady and I plan to hawk on our blogs.

Ha! Travis, I read your post and I feel the same way. I've handed WRITTEN orders to the order taker and still received my burger incorrectly prepared!

Ha, Stephen!