The Texas Bull Rope, Lights Out, No Holds Barred Grammar Challenge

Sharpen your pencils and close your books. This is a test. Please close that CMS, and I see you back there with your dictionary. Close it. Do not text each other with the answers or I will confiscate all electronics in the room.

Sniff the ditto, then begin.

Incomplete exams are acceptable. Answers will appear in a later post. (Spit out that gum, Billy.)

1. What is a gerund?

2. Choose the error-free sentence:
a. The dog wagged it’s tail.
b. The dog wagged its tail.

3. What is the correct format for a three point ellipsis?

4. Choose the error-free sentence:

a. Between you and I, she really could do better than him.
b. Between you and me, she really could do better than him.

5. Give an example of the future perfect progressive tense.

6. Choose the error free sentence:
a. John has twin sisters. His sister, Elizabeth, is a model.
b. John has twin sisters. His sister Elizabeth is a model.

7. What is the subjunctive mood?

8. Choose the error-free sentence:
a. John has twin sisters. Elizabeth is the prettiest one.
b. John has twin sisters. Elizabeth is the prettier one.

9. The following sentence has an error. What is it?

After vomiting, check the child's temperature.

10. I should of thought of a harder question for number ten. What do you think?


Church Lady said...

I'm not a grammarian, but here are all my guesses:

1) A word ending in 'ing.'
2) b
3) ...
4) b (Oh, This one is a pet peeve. I cringe when people get this one wrong.)
5) He will be seeing that movie tomorrow. (Good one! I can't wait to see the right answer!)
6) They are saying that you should use commas sparingly. I'd probably use the first, but maybe the second is correct.
7) When you need some chocolate relief
8) b
9) After the child vomits, check his temperature. Dangling participle, I think.
10) should have

Fun quiz. Now I'll get to see how badly I need a refresher!

Decaf, please said...

i don't have time to do the whole thing right now, but I'd like to answer #3.

Shirley said that it wasn't . . . proper to not space before and after each period.

Jerry Allen said...

I FAILED. Not EVEN gonna post my answers.

Ello said...

1. I think words ending in "ing" is right - but only because Church lady said it first and that sounds right.
2. b
3. ellipsis should not begin or end a sentence but should indicate omission within a sentence structure.
4. b
5. By the end of the night I will have been ranting and raving for a good 2 hours straight.
6. a
7. Something legal... you got me on this one.
8. b
9. Hee hee, that one is funny. Dangling modifier - I remember this from my Strunk & White
10. missing a "have"

This was fun - and really made me think. I got to go look up subjunctive now...

courtney said...

I want to be that student in the exam room that jumps out of their desk and says AAAH I CAN'T TAKE THE PRESSURE! And flees. Because every exam needs one of those.



Danette Haworth said...
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Stella said...

1.a verb ending in ing that serves as a noun Eg. Swimming is fun.
3.… used to imply a broken thought or idea but not to begin a sentence
5.I will be going next week???
6. a
7.I’m not sure but I think it involves the use of a subordinate clause.
9.I think it should be, “After the child vomits, check his temperature.” Dangling something.

Stella said...

Ah, I see the mistake with number ten now. It should read, I should have, not I should of. Oops

Danette Haworth said...

You're all so smart!
Answers on Monday.

Come baaaack! You don't have a hall pass!

Jerry, haha! One point for writing your name. (That was in the secret directions!)

Angela said...

Somebody's a smartie pants...and it's not me:)Here goes...
1) A gerund is for geriatric writers. Duh!
3)1point ellipsis + 1 point ellipsis + 1 point ellipsis = 3 point ellipsis
These are so easy:)
5)I'd like to use my lifeline
7)How I feel when I walk in Subway to order lunch?
9)No subject??
10)You should "have" not "of"
Wow, I'm going to have to start studying before I can leave comments on your blog:)

Charles Gramlich said...

1. Gerund is a cousin of mine who is mildly slow. He has a job but no one in the family really knows what he does.

2. b

3. I'm not sure of what you're asking. But possibly, three point ellipsis occurs in the middle of sentences connected to the words around it.

4. B. She could do better especially if the guy is as bad at grammar as I am.

5. The sun will be going nova in about 6 billion years.

6. a

7. I was in a real subjunctive mood last week when I got a bad review.

8. b

9. Well, it could be correct if the person is being told to check the child's temperature after that person finishes vomiting.

10. nope.